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Now, a herbal remedy to make women's henpecking history!

Posted On: July 16, 2011

London, July 6 (ANI): It's good news for men whose wives keep on nagging them about house-hold chores, drinking and their health, making their life miserable.

The world's first anti-nagging medicine, a herbal remedy which claims it can tame the nastiest of nags has been launched.

Makers claim it works for both sexes, but admit it is particularly effective in women.

They say Mindset Living Remedy can "restore a woman's hormonal balance", spelling relief to thousands of mercilessly henpecked men.

Further case studies show it can enhance a couple's sex life by increasing libido.

"It could transform the wildest and angriest of women or men into happy, relaxed individuals," the Daily Express quoted Michael Riley, spokesman for manufacturer Better by Nature, as saying.

He said the mix of aloe vera, Chinese and Western herbs calms the mind and reduces confrontation and irrational behaviour.

Sprayed under the tongue twice a day, it is said to bring results within eight weeks.

But the price of peace is not cheap - it costs 49 pounds a bottle. (ANI)

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