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khil ane hathila rog
April 7, 2014

Hi dears and doctors,

Let me clear you about the fact that,

I am talking about "fat loss" product not "weight loss" !!

Basically both things are different !!

Many people having 200+ kg using our remedy which gives wonderful result and benefits as below without major side effects !!

It’s hard to loose weight, but easy to burn fats!!

To loose weight two major things must be happen naturally. First is to stop income of new fats into body from our day to day meal. Secondly burning of our existing fat stored in our body.

Here, First of all, product itself will teach your body not to take more fat from your everyday meals. And secondly will convert your existing body fat into energy and will burn slowly day by day...

How to use : to get better result drink one sachet/packet with 250ml water, 10 to 15 minutes before every launch and dinner. Its recommonded/ compulsory to continue 90days minimum.

Here is some major benefit.... Nothing to do more.

No extra rules to follow!! Live your life as you live.

For more extra info just call us as given below no.

Benefits & helps to ==========================================

1. Reduces amount of fat stored in the body.

2. Burns existing fat

3. No jitters, no hunger

4. 100% natural, clinically proven, listed in PDR, FDA approved and patented!!

5. Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

6. Reduces bad cholesterol LDL and improves HDL

7. Achieves healthy triglyceride levels 8. Stabilizes blood sugar - helps diabetics in disease management 9. Reduces risk of high blood pressure and heart failure

10. Reduces risk of cancer

11. Assist in bowel movements

12. Prevents constipation

13 Manages weight - helps to achieve optimal weight.

If you are satisfied with the above benefits....

Just call to my number to order kit or for more information, mobile no: 8511233545.

(trade inquiry acceptable)    

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Posted By : surinder gupta         on :July 14, 2014

what is this medicine? Cost therof.

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