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Health benefits of ginger

Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad
April 14, 2011

A homoeopathic paediatrician, a counselling expert and a freelance writer are a few words to describe my profession. My sole aim is to put forth practical piece of information that guides every one right in the direction, blending the medicos to a layman with a simple gesture to make the medical things a little less convoluted and comprehendible.


Ginger is a very common kitchen ingredient and is known to spice up various curries and dishes, mostly related to Asian cuisines. Since past more than 5000 years, this spice has been used for health benefits and is known world over as a very important culinary herb. Ginger is the rhizome part of the plant and grows under the ground. It has immense medicinal values and is used in many homemade remedies. Apart from fresh ginger (which is the best), dried and powdered ginger is also used for making health benefitting remedies. You can search for it anywhere from your local grocery shop to the supermarket food shops. Ginger can be used by slicing it off and the remaining part can be stored in the refrigerator for minimum 3 weeks. Some of the health benefits of ginger are listed below. Check out:

  • Ginger has an ameliorating effect on most of the digestive ailments. It helps to digest fatty foods and also rapidly breaks down the proteins. If you are suffering from bloating or gas trouble, ginger is the best remedy. It is also known to reduce motion sickness and morning sickness and relieves the trouble of nausea.
  • Ginger has also been found to help reduce inflammation. So it is very beneficial in diseases which are caused by inflammations like arthritis or even ulcerative colitis. Studies have revealed that it can help control the replication of the virus-herpes simplex.
  • Ginger is a warming herb and hence is very beneficial in knocking out fever. Due to this property, it is extremely useful in stimulating the blood circulation. It also relaxes muscles surrounding the blood vessels and checks the formation of blood clots. Due to warming property, it acts a natural decongestant and also as an antihistamine and hence is the perfect remedy for cold and cough.
  •  The latest studies have unfurled that ginger can also help in lowering the LDL cholesterol as this spice is found to be helpful in reducing some amount of cholesterol which is absorbed through food intake. When tried on animals with tumors, it has been found to reduce the growth of tumor and cancerous cells.   
  • Ginger consists of volatile oils- shogaols and gingerols which give it a pungent taste and also produce digestive enzymes that help in increasing the speed of metabolism and neutralize the nausea and diarrhea causing acids. 
  • You can try the health benefits of ginger yourself by using ginger in your tea. If you are suffering form sinus or cough and cold you will get immediate relief by drinking such tea. For culinary usage, you can also add garlic as well to enhance the pungent taste and spice up the whole dish.

So, the next time on if you have any digestive trouble or are feeling like vomiting, just add few slices of ginger to warm water and drink. You are sure to get benefitted by the superb health benefitting qualities of ginger. It is also safe when used for children.   

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